Latest News and Catch Report 20/10/20

Bensons Cafe is back open

Vehicle access will now be limited to the main road on mallard until Spring, Please Bring your barrows.

Catch Report

23rd September Rob Majury 41lb 0oz Mirror from Sandmarin

24th September Ralph Wilkinson 45lb Scar Common from Swan

25th September Unknown Angler 30lb from Swan

25th September Ollie land Penny at 43lb

26th September Unknown angler 32lb Common from Mallard

26th September Unknown Angler 42lb from Kingfisher

28th September Unknown Angler 33lb Common from Mallard

29th September Jamie Harbron lands the Lucas Common 47lb

30th September Gino 37lb from Kingfisher

30th September Ben Oaks lands Heart Tail at 50lb 05oz from Kingfisher

1st October Tom 40lb from Kingfisher

1st October Lee Burrows 33lb 08oz Mirror from Mallard

2nd October Unknown Angler 42lb Common from Kingfisher

2nd October Mick Dewsnap 41lb Common from Kinfisher

2nd October Craig Mcdonough 31lb 02oz Common from Mallard

3rd October Angelo 47lb from Kingfisher

3rd October Aarron Peskett 44lb Common from Kingfisher

3rd October Aarron Peskett 42lb Common from Kingfisher

3rd October Joe Banfield 34lb Common from Swan

4th October Dan Bowles 32lb Mirror from Swan

4th October Ollie Manning 52lb Common and 43lb 08oz Mirror from Kingfisher

6th October Rob 43lb 12oz Common from Mallard

7th October Steve Wright 35lb from Sandmartin

7th – 10th October Steve Renyard lands a Pb and Lake record 49lb 03oz along with a 43 and 35 from Mallard

10th October Unknown Angler 47lb Common from Kingfisher

11th October Unknown Angler 36lb 12oz Mirror from Swan

12th October Unknown Angler lands Tilley at 50lb 01oz from Sandmartin

13th October Jason Holden lands Crincke Tail at 45lb from Kinfisher

16th October Unknown Angler 30lb from Swan

17th October Unknown Angler 40lb from Swan

17th October Grant 34lb from Kingfisher

19th October Mark Trentham Lands Dave at his Biggest ever weight 59lb 09oz from Swan