Latest News And Catch Report 6/4/21

Welcome Back, We are now fully open.

Summer Opening hours are now in force 07:00 – 20:00

Catch Report

30/03/21 Unknown Angler 37lb from Kingfisher

30/03/21 Jason Bridger 33lb 05oz from Kingfisher

30/03/21 Drew Hammonds 43lb 08oz Common from Bluebell

01/04/21 Ryan Smedley lands a new PB with a 40lb Mirror from Sandmartin and has named it Chinny.40lb Sandmartin

01/04/21 Unknown Angler 35lb from Sandmartin

01/04/21 Paul Fenech lands a new PB with a 36lb 06oz Common from Mallard

01/04/21 Unknown Angler lands a new PB with a 48lb 12oz Common from Kingfisher

02/04/21 Alan Smith 38lb Mirror from Bluebell

03/04/21 Unknown Angler 43lb Carp from Sandmartin

03/04/21 Unknown Angler 38lb Mirror from Sandmartin

03/04/21 Lee Birch 30lb 08oz Mirror from Swan

03/04/21 Shaun Boyn 31lb 06oz Mirror from Sandmartin

03/04/21 Dean Boyle 39lb 14oz Common from Swan

04/04/21 Geoff Price 38lb 06oz Mirror from Swan

04/04/21 Mark Harrington 35lb 07oz Common and a 30lb Common from Mallard

05/04/21 Unknown Angler lands 33 08