Catch report 9/4/21

06/04/21 John Everitt lands a new PB with a 58lb 02oz Mirror (Dave) from Swan

06/04/21 Michael Hoolson lands a new PB with a 43lb 08oz Mirror (Amour Belly) from Kingfisher

06/04/21 Unknown Angler lands a 32lb Carp from Swan

06/04/21 Unknown Angler 30lb Carp from Mallard

06/04/21 Alan Smith lands a 40lb 02oz Common from Swan

07/04/21 Luke Keown lands a 36lb 07oz Common from Mallard

07/04/21 Unknown angler 32lb Common from Kingfisher

08/04/21 Unknown angler lands a 44lb Common (Scar) from Swan

08/04/21 Unknown anger land 7 Carp to 37lb from Sandmartin