13/6/21 Catch Report

13/06/21 Nathan Whitehead 33lb 06oz Mirror and a 39lb 10oz Mirror from Swan

12/06/21 Chris 30lb from Swan

12/06/21 Tom Lea 37lb from Kingfisher

12/06/21 Tom Foreman 47lb Common from Kingfisher

12/06/21 Gav 31lb from Kingfisher

12/06/21 Ian 5×30’s to 39lb from Swan

11/06/21 Unknown Angler 31lb from Swan

11/06/21 Lee Birch 5 fish from Swan

11/06/21 Gav 46lb from Kingfisher

09/06/21 John Hastings 49lb 05oz Common and a 36lb 04oz Common from Kingfisher

07/06/21 James Leung 50lb 12oz Common from Sandmartin

07/06/21 Mick Dewsnap 45lb from Kingfisher

05/06/21 unknown angler 47lb Common from Mallard

04/06/21 Unknown Angler 33lb Common from Mallard

03/06/21 unknown angler 50lb common Kingfisher

03/06/21 Unknown angler 35lb from Kingfisher

02/06/21 Archie 42lb ghost Common and a 32lb Mirror from Kingfisher

01/06/21 Tom Townley 41lb 04oz from Sandmartin

1/06/21 Jason Holden 32lb from Kingfisher

1/06/21 Tom Foreman 46lb Mirror from Kingfisher

31/05/21 Unknown Angler 38lb 06oz from Swan

31/05/21 Unknown angler 39lb 06oz from Swan

31/05/21 Gav lands a couple of 40’s from Kingfisher

30/05/21 Gav 33lb 04oz from Kingfisher

29/05/21 Michael Dierden 57lb Common and a 36lb 08oz Common from Swan

29/05/21 Unknown angler 31lb 02oz Mirror from Bluebell

28/05/21 Unknown Angler land 64 carp in a week from Mallard including 5 30’s

28/05/21 Gav 47lb 08oz Common from Kingfisher

27/05/21 Unknown angler 32lb from Bluebell

27/05/21 Anthony Herron 37lb Mirror from Mallard

27/05/21 Darren “Reggie” Heal 50lb Common from Kingfisher

27/05/21 Mick Dewsnap 40lb from Kingfisher

26/05/21 Reg 35lb Common from Kingfisher

25/05/21 Dean Welsh 35lb 04oz Common from Kingfisher

24/05/21 Carl Duffus 41lb 06oz from Sandmartin

22/05/21 Unknown 30lb from Kingfisher

21/05/21 37lb Carp from Swan

21/05/21 Luke 38lb Common from Kingfisher