13/6/21 Catch Report

13/06/21 Nathan Whitehead 33lb 06oz Mirror and a 39lb 10oz Mirror from Swan 12/06/21 Chris 30lb from Swan 12/06/21 Tom Lea 37lb from Kingfisher 12/06/21 Tom Foreman 47lb Common from Kingfisher 12/06/21 Gav 31lb from Kingfisher 12/06/21 Ian 5×30’s to 39lb from Swan 11/06/21 Unknown Angler 31lb from Swan 11/06/21 Lee Birch 5 fish from […]

Catch Report 20/05/21

Kingfisher lake

05/05/21 Jack Farrow 37lb 14oz Mirror from Mallard 05/05/21 Unknown Angler 37lb 14oz from Sandmartin 05/05/21 Darren Heal 38lb Common from Kingfisher 05/05/21 Darren Heal 36lb Common from Kingfisher 05/05/21 Unknown Angler 37lb from Swan 05/05/21 Steve Renyard 30lb from Kingfisher 06/05/21 Chris 35lb 05oz Mirror from Swan 07/05/21 Jordan 42lb Common from Kingfisher 08/05/21 […]

Catch Report 04/05/2021

41lb Kingfisher

03/05/21 Ian Hutson 50lb 02oz Common (Perfect) from Swan 03/05/21 Ian Dunklin 49lb Common caught from Bluebell moved to Kingfisher 03/05/21 Unknown Angler 41lb Common from Kingfisher 03/05/21 Nathan Price 30lb from Swan 03/05/21 Luke 37lb Common from Sandmartin 02/05/21 Dave Johnson 36lb from Swan 01/05/21 Ryan Smedly 30lb Common from Sandmartin 30/04/21 Unknown Angler […]

Catch report 9/4/21

Swan Lake

06/04/21 John Everitt lands a new PB with a 58lb 02oz Mirror (Dave) from Swan 06/04/21 Michael Hoolson lands a new PB with a 43lb 08oz Mirror (Amour Belly) from Kingfisher 06/04/21 Unknown Angler lands a 32lb Carp from Swan 06/04/21 Unknown Angler 30lb Carp from Mallard 06/04/21 Alan Smith lands a 40lb 02oz Common […]

Latest News And Catch Report 6/4/21

40lb Sandmartin

Welcome Back, We are now fully open. Summer Opening hours are now in force 07:00 – 20:00 Catch Report 30/03/21 Unknown Angler 37lb from Kingfisher 30/03/21 Jason Bridger 33lb 05oz from Kingfisher 30/03/21 Drew Hammonds 43lb 08oz Common from Bluebell 01/04/21 Ryan Smedley lands a new PB with a 40lb Mirror from Sandmartin and has […]

Covid -19 update

Mallard Lake

Following the government announcement we are likely to have close Wednesday 4th November. However we are awaiting for clarfication which is expected Wednesday .

Christmas Opening

Gates will close 4pm Sunday 20th December and Re-open 8am Thursday 31st December

Latest News and Catch Report 20/10/20

Swan Lake

Bensons Cafe is back open Vehicle access will now be limited to the main road on mallard until Spring, Please Bring your barrows. Catch Report 23rd September Rob Majury 41lb 0oz Mirror from Sandmarin 24th September Ralph Wilkinson 45lb Scar Common from Swan 25th September Unknown Angler 30lb from Swan 25th September Ollie land Penny […]

Latest News 22nd September

Bluebell lake

Please be aware that winter opening times start from 1st Ocotober 8am – 6pm Bensons Cafe is temporarily closed, The local Indian takeaway still delivers of an evening. Catch Report from 16th September 16th Julian Taylor 31lb Common from Kingfisher 17th John Gill 30lb from Kingfisher 17th Unknown Angler 37lb 08oz Common Mallard 17th Unknown […]