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Please Note Mallard is booked out from 2pm Sunday 21st May to 12noon Friday 26th May.

14th May Ben lands a 30lb+ Carp from swan

12th May Mark Hsmbling lands a 32lb 02oz Mirror from Kingfisher

12th May Name Unkown lands a 42lb 03oz Common from Swan

12th May Name Unknown lands a 53lb Mirror from Swan

9th May Dave Morgan lands a 31lb 05oz Common from Mallard

8th May Simon Clifford lands a 34lb Carp from Kingfisher

4th May John Sherwood lands a 34lb Mirror from Mallard

3rd May Unknwon Angler lands a 30lb Carp from Sandmartin

2nd May Olly lands a 31lb Common and a 34lb Common from Mallard

30th April Lee Wilson lands a 44lb 04oz Common from Swan

30th April Simon Clifford lands a 37, 39 and a 43lb Common from Kingfisher

30th April Nigel Ramsbotton lands 52 Carp over the Bank Holiday week, 14 x 20's a 30 and a 39lb Common from Mallard

April Chris lands a 30lb Common from Mallard

30th April Scott Hall lands a 39lb Common from Mallard

29th April Dean Henderson lands a 30lb Common from Mallard

27th April John Sherwood lands a 32lb 04oz Common from Mallard

27th April Dave Smith lands 3 fish to 32lb 08oz from Sandmartin

Tim Marshall lands a 39lb 08oz Mirror and a 33lb Mirror from Swan

27th April Mark Hunter lands a 41lb 04oz Common from Swan

Chris Wilson lands a 30lb Mirror from Swan

21st April Steve Wright lands a 41lb 076oz Common from Sandmartin

21st April Richard lands a 40lb 04oz Common from Kingfisher

20th April Paul Fenech lands a 31lb 09oz Mirror from Mallard

16th April Carl Beresford lands a coulple of 30's from swan

16th April Richard Ince lands a couple of 30's from Kingfisher

14th April Simon Clifford lands a 40lb 08oz Carp from Kingfisher

Opening Times

1st October - 31st March 8.00am - Dusk

1st April - 30th September 7.00am - 8.00pm

Unfortunately due to a fire, we have lost the tackle shop. We have a tempory office set up in the corner of the building.
22nd February Darren Proctor 38lb from Kingfisher pic2 photo 3800a.jpg22nd February Darren Proctor lands a 38lb Common from Kingfisher.
2nd November Dan Bunn 37lb from Swan photo 3700.jpg2nd November 2016 Dan Bunn lands this 37lb mirror from Swan.
25th September Richard Ince 50lb 08oz from Swan photo 5008.jpg25th September 2016 Richard Ince lands his 2nd 50 of the season from Swan.
50lb 08oz
19th August Paul Talbot 47lb from Swan photo 4700.jpg19th Augsut Paul Talbot 47lb from Swan
13th July Mark Robinson 37lb 06oz from Mallard photo 3706.jpg13th Jul Mark Robinson lands a 37lb 06oz Common from Mallard.
26th June Elliott Higginson 31lb 08oz from Mallard photo 3108.jpg26th June Elliott Higginson lands his second PB of the 24hr session  with this 31lb 08oz Common from Mallard
7th May Carl Duffus 51lb 08oz from Swan photo 5108a.jpg7th May Carl Duffus lands a 51lb 08oz Common from Swan
6th April Gary Denniss 42lb 12oz from Kingfisher photo 4212.jpg6th April 2016 Gary Denniss land  3 x 30's and Patch at 42lb12oz from Kingfisher
 photo 4910.jpg
29th March Stuart Maddison lands a 49lb 10oz Common from Swan
 photo 3515.jpg
29th March Gary Denniss lands 5 Carp over 30lb from Kingfisher.
28th February Sam Annable 39lb 03oz from Mallard photo 3903.jpg
28th February Sam Annable with a 39lb 03oz common from Mallard.
 photo 3708.jpg15th September Scott Maslen 37lb 08oz from Swan Lake
 photo 3808.jpg14th September Kev Hewitt 38lb 08oz from Swan Lake
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