Swan Lake

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is another specimen water, again tree lined at about 12acres. Fished from two banks, the north bank being deeper than the south. With little weed to contend with, the features you are looking for are hard spots on the lake bed.

England's Ultimate Carp Fishing Water

Home to our biggest Carp with the Two Tone Common, The Box Common, The Perfect Common and Dave topping out at 58lb in 2019 and several 40’s including the battle hardened Scar Common and the 46lb Grass, there aren’t to many people that wouldn’t be able to potentially beat their PB.

A particle approach accounts from most catches with zigs being a popular method then conditions allow.

Swan Carp Hall of Fame

Mathew Ridley Swan 64lb 02oz
Matthew Ridley
64LB 2OZ
Bluebell Swan Lake Carp
Carl Beresford
53LB 2oz
Bluebell Lakes Carp
Lee March
39lb 8oz
Chris Harper
Two Tone 50Lb 12oz
Swan Carp
Craig Walker
Dave - 54LB 11OZ

“Prolific carp catcher Kev Hewitt gives ESP an excellent overview of the Bluebell Lakes complex near Peterborough – one of the countries premier big carp day ticket fisheries.

‘I first set foot on the Bluebell complex back in 2013. I had heard lots about it but with it being over 2 hours away it was off the radar until one Saturday afternoon I decided off the cuff to just pack the car and make the journey.

Little did I know that I would instantly fall in love with the place and would make the journey countless times over the coming years.

24 Hour

  • 3 Rods - £35.00

36 Hours

  • 3 Rods - £50.00

48 Hours

  • 3 Rods - £70.00


  • 3 Rods - £235.00
Caravans, Motorhomes & Large Frame Tents – £5 per night.
Guests – £2.50 per day/£5.00 per 24h (Strictly one guest per angler)

Barbless Hoooks Only

Please use Fishcare products

Swan Lake is only suitable for experienced Carp anglers, and as such only bivvies are permitted, no doubling up in pegs except for the one double peg which is marked. Vehicle access to half of the pegs.

Please note that the minimum age for Kingfisher and Swan Lake is 16 years (fishing or as a guest)

Swan Carp Lake Pictures