Mallard Lake

The Carp Lake

Opened in 2008 Mallard Lake is the most heavily stocked water , stocked with a stunning strain of English Carp and despite the numbers of fish in the 15-30lb mark, It has also produced Carp to just under 50lb.

Bluebell’s largest lake at around twenty acres, again an attractive lake with views of Fotheringhay church in the background.

Huge Number of Mid - Large Carp

With in excess of forty pegs, Mallard will produce some positive catching action – in a beautiful and tranquil setting – as you would expect from this fishery.

Over the years the fish have grown well and the lake now stocks over 1000 carp in the double figures and it has now developed into highly stocked specimen water.

Day tickets are available in the same format and cost as Bluebell and Sandmartin as well as 24hr, 36hr and week tickets an option.forty

Mallard Carp Fishing Hotshots

In the summer month’s Mallard carp are not afraid to show off their numbers and often can be seen grouping together patrolling the lake.

The far bank offers a large shallow area where they are easily spotted, and feeding amongst the reeds is a common hideout.

The centre of the lake has often delivered great results for the carp anglers that visit, and don’t be afraid to keep topping the bait up around your traps. 

Different features lend itself to different methods, shallows that go out for 30 yards, distance fishing over weed and margin fishing in the bays. 

Crystal clear water can be weedy.

Multiple catches are possible with the chance of a big carp.

Mallard Carp Hall of Fame

Steven Howes
44LB 2OZ Common Carp
Ben Thompson
43LB Common Carp
Mark Stephen
29LB 12OZ Common Carp
Matt Hollingworth
38LB Common Carp
Liam Hodgson
40LB Common Carp


  • 2/3 Rods - £15.00
  • 4 Rods - £20.00
  • Concession - £10.00


  • 2 Rods - £7.50
  • 3 Rods - £10.00


  • 2 Rods - £20.00
  • 3 Rods - £22.00
  • 4 Rods - £25.00

24 Hour

  • 2 Rods - £30.00
  • 3 Rods - £32.50
  • 4 Rods - £37.50

36 Hours

  • 2 Rods - £42.00
  • 3 Rods - £47.00
  • 4 Rods - £57.50

48 Hours

  • 2 Rods - £60.00
  • 3 Rods - £65.00
  • 4 Rods - £75.00


  • 2 Rods - £200.00
  • 3 Rods - £220.00
  • 4 Rods - £250.00
Caravans, Motorhomes & Large Frame Tents – £5 per night.
Guests – £2.50 per day/£5.00 per 24h (Strictly one guest per angler)
All anglers are expected to have their own 42” landing net, large unhooking mat and general tackle capable of coping with weed, landing and caring fish to 50lb.
Vehicle access varies depending on ground conditions.

Barbless Hooks Only

Please use Fishcare products

Mallard Lake Pictures

Recent 46lb Common Carp

Steve Wright suffered an agonizing few moments as he was forced to hand-line this day-ticket monster to the bank.

Steve, who caught the first 40-pounder from neighboring Sandmartin Lake, told local directory Carpfeed:

“I was lucky to land this one as it went through another one of my lines.

“When I got it around 20ft from the bank the lead from my other rod caught round the top eye of my rod preventing me from reeling in anymore.

“I grabbed the line and started to hand-line her towards the bank.

“It was at this time I saw her for the first time, and as you can imagine the heart started pumping!

“I got her to the shallow water near the bank and then the hook pulled!

“The fish just sat there pointing out into the lake. I could see no way I could get the net under her without spooking her, so I quickly scooped the net over her and she swam straight into the net!”