Sandmartin Lake

Sandmartin Lake

Underrated and under fished no, over shadowed probably. Sandmartin for a long while has been in the shadows of our other waters.

Another Lake Holding Carp to 50lb, a stunning Common called Tilley with a good head of 30’s and 40’s it can certainly be described as another specimen lake.

Sandmartin is around 7 acres with features unique to the complex with 20ft holes, patches of weed and shallow margins with clumps of rush’s and the original concrete pumping platform. 

Carp Water

A nice water to fish with some interesting features and depths, with sucessful session anglers opting to fish Sandmartin Lakes as their first choice.

Fishing just off the rod tips in the deeper margins produce well, PVA bags dropped cose to weed is another prefered method.

Sandmartin Carp Hall of Fame

Sandmartin Lake
Andy Hickman
42LB 3OZ
Sandmartin Lake
James Cooley
31lb 6oz
Paul Warwick
38lb 8oz
Sandmartin Lake Carp
Gavin Cleary
50LB 8OZ
Sandmartin Carp
Simon Lester
37LB 2OZ

24 Hour

  • 3 Rods - £35.00

36 Hours

  • 3 Rods - £50.00

48 Hours

  • 3 Rods - £70.00


  • 3 Rods - £235.00
Caravans, Motorhomes & Large Frame Tents – £5 per night.
Guests – £2.50 per day/£5.00 per 24h (Strictly one guest per angler)
Sandmartin Lake is only suitable for experienced Carp anglers. Vehicle access up to 75percent of pegs depending on ground conditions.

Barbless Hooks Only

Please use Fishcare products

Sandmartin Lake Pictures