Kingfisher Lake

Kingfisher Lake

Probably the best known water here at Bluebell. From the very start Kingfisher Lake established itself as an out and out Big Carp water with its most famous former residents being Benson at 64lb.

Kingfisher is about eight acres lined with mature trees, the lake bed has contours from shallows to depths, with plenty of features, crystal clear water clarity and abundance of naturals.


Specialist Carp Fishing Water

Kingfisher is one of the coplex’s weedier waters. Kingfisher has a massive head 40’s with the likes of the Lucas Common, Patch and Bulldozer but to name a few that occasionally tip the scales at 50lb.

Kingfisher Carp Hall of Fame

Kingfisher Lake Carp
Anita Imlack
40lb 10oz
Kingfisher Lake Carp
Bryson Bell
31LB 2OZ
Paul Warwick
38lb 8oz
Kingfisher Lake Carp
Matthew O'neill
43LB 10OZ
Kingfisher Carp
Alex Maltby
Bulldozer 50LB 10OZ
Joe Banfield
Lockjaw - 40LB 2OZ

24 Hour

  • 3 Rods - £35.00

36 Hours

  • 3 Rods - £50.00

48 Hours

  • 3 Rods - £70.00


  • 3 Rods - £235.00
Caravans, Motorhomes & Large Frame Tents – £5 per night.
Guests – £2.50 per day/£5.00 per 24h (Strictly one guest per angler)

Kingfisher Lake is only suitable for experienced Carp anglers, and as such only bivvies are permitted, no doubling up in pegs and be prepared to drop leads. Vehicle access to half of the pegs.

Barbless Hooks Only

Please use Fishcare products

Kingfisher Lake Pictures